When should an urgent care clinic be used instead of an emergency room? At enTrust Immediate Care we think that is a reasonable question with a practical answer. The “common sense” determinant is this: If the patient’s symptoms are so severe that you think he or she ultimately will need to be admitted to the hospital, go directly to an emergency room. That could be a free-standing emergency room or the ER of a hospital.

Alternatively, it is usually going to be much faster and much less expensive to use an immediate care (urgent care) clinic like enTrust Immediate Care. For instance, the national average for hospital emergency visits is over three hours compared to 30 minutes for a typical immediate care visit. And, a patient’s out of pocket co-payment may be $200 to $250 for an emergency room visit, compared to $30 to $50 in an urgent care center, even when the medical services provided would be the same.

At enTrust Immediate Care a broad range of medical services is provided. Our doctors and staff handle minor emergencies, common & seasonal illnesses, athletic injuries and most other family medical needs (pediatric & adult) on a walk-in basis. Additionally, men’s health issues can be addressed on an appointment basis. Digital X-Ray and full lab services are offered on-site.

A practical assessment of a medical need and/or condition can result in a substantial savings of time and money. Use a hospital of free-standing ER if necessary, but use enTrust Immediate Care to save time & money while still receiving excellent medical care.