One of the Best Kept Secrets in Houston:

Urgent Care Centers & Freestanding (non-hospital) Emergency Centers ARE NOT THE SAME!

And, many local Emergency Centers hope you don’t know this!

Compare basic similarities & differences between Emergency Centers and Urgent Care Centers:

Emergency Centers
Open Every Day
Staffed by Doctors
Provides Expedited Hospital Admission
On-Site Lab
Open 24 Hours / Day
Imaging: CT Scan & X-Ray
Typical Insurance Co-Pay: $100 to $250
Typical Cost/Visit: $750 to $3500
Urgent Care Centers
Open Every Day
Staffed by Doctors
Provides Expedited Hospital Admission
On-Site Lab
Open 12 to 14 Hours / Day
Imaging: X-Ray
Typical Insurance Co-Pay: $35 to $75
Typical Cost/Visit: $150 – $450
In seeking the appropriate source for acute medical care, these questions should be answered:

  1. Is the patient’s condition life-threatening and requires the use of EMERGENCY medical resources?
  2. Will the patient require hospitalization AFTER care is received?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, and it is possible to do so, the patient should be taken to a Hospital Emergency Facility. If the answer is “No”, the patient can receive excellent care and a substantial cost savings will be recognized at true Urgent Care facilities like enTrust Immediate Care™.

When acute medical care is needed, here’s a quick way to choose an appropriate source: Under state regulations, if the name of the medical facility includes the word “Emergency”, it is an Emergency Center. Urgent Care centers typically will include “Urgent Care” or “Immediate Care” in their names, but they do not use the word “Emergency”.

One source of confusion is this: in many advertising formats, Houston’s freestanding Emergency Centers continue to identify themselves with “Urgent Care”. While this may be accurate from the perspective of the actual medical care being provided, they fail to clarify that the charges for the care provided are in line with those charges incurred in hospital emergency rooms. These are typically five to eight times more than charges at urgent care centers for the same level of care. This can also be verified with major health insurance carriers.


We would like to develop new enTrust Immediate Care™ centers to provide medical care and savings throughout the Houston area. Your assistance in sharing the information above with your family, friends and employers will help us do that. Thank you.

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