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A note to our patients about Health Insurance Co-Payments and Charges for Acute Medical Care…

All Co-payment amounts are established by health insurance companies. Healthcare providers do not set or alter these amounts.

In some instances, under various health insurance policies, co-payment amounts charged by an Urgent Care provider may be slightly higher than the co-payment charged at a Primary Care or Family Practice physician’s office. However, Urgent Care co-payment amounts are usually 50% – 80% less than the co-payment amounts charged in Freestanding and/or Hospital based Emergency Rooms.

Additionally, true Urgent Care providers deliver most of the same quality medical services provided in emergency rooms. However, the charges are substantially lower. The cost difference for self-paying patients is dramatically less (50% or less). And, for those with health insurance, this savings should favorably impact future insurance premium increases. Your health insurance company certainly recognizes and encourages using Urgent Care providers in minor emergency and non-life threatening cases.

In Houston, how do we recognize the difference between expensive Emergency Facilities (“ER’s”) and more practical Urgent Care Centers?

Simple: by Texas law, if “EMERGENCY” is in the name or on the sign, it is an “ER”. CHARGES WILL BE HIGHER FOR THE SERVICES PROVIDED.

The logic is clear: enTrust Immediate Care provides Prompt, Professional, Quality Care with Lower Cost… Why pay higher prices for the same medical services and resources?

We hope this information is helpful and that you share this information with your employer, friends and family!

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